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NEWSREAL is a political comedy about the real consequences of fake news. Big-city reporter Alecia Troust writes a weekly column for The Gruffington Buzz. Her hopes of promotion and of becoming the face of the Buzz on national TV are dashed when her make-it-or-break-it article is lost along with her laptop. Instead of playing a victim to circumstance or admitting her bad luck to her editor, Alecia instead submits an even more compelling story. However, this new story—regarding homegrown terrorism and containing “evidence" of an execution on American soil—is a fabrication; fake news. Although she initially wins the admiration of her editor and national attention, Alecia’s lie also draws the ire and interest of anarcho-communists, white supremacists, Jihadists, the mainstream media, as well as those who seek to profit from maintaining the fake news’ veracity, including the FBI and the CIA. With the worst of the country desperate to exploit the story for political ends, Alecia realizes far more than journalistic integrity is at stake. She must get the truth out before her fake news catalyzes a national descent into paranoia, war, and authoritarianism.

NEWSREAL (written with Joseph MacKinnon)

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WWI veteran Elijah Cooper searches for peace and solace on the African Savanna. His pursuit is thwarted when he finds himself blackmailed into service by a Machiavellian aristocrat. Charged with the care of the aristocrat’s petulant son, Cooper safaris into the Holy Mountains, only to be dislocated by a time fracture. With the aristocrat’s son lost, and nothing familiar to orient him, Cooper must set out through perilous and lavish wilds, beset by war and with prehistoric monsters. Old foes resurface alongside Roman legions and Neanderthal hordes, prompting Cooper to lead by example and curb tyranny in all its unholy forms.

THE SAVAGE KINGDOM (w/ Joseph MacKinnon)

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Banana Split is a tale about savagery and cruelty, intelligence and rogue science. In the sleepy town of Darwin, Illinois, a test-lab chimp goes missing. As bodies begin to pile up, a ruthless eugenicist sends his henchman to hide the underlying cause. Meanwhile, a young deaf boy, his older brother, and his brother's girlfriend attempt to rehabilitate the escaped chimp and figure out what exactly is going on.


(with Joseph MacKinnon and Jono Hunt)

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